Выставки Любоморье и Крымские игры 2011

Magie Nair Elixire vie-2CAC, ЛК,BOB

Magie Nair Espoir mien-2CAC,2ЛС,BOB

Magie Nair Elle beau-CAC (фото 3)

Magie Nair Admirable le garson-CAC,BOB.BIG-2 (фото 4)


28-29 of august 2010 On international Dog Shows "Vevel Season-2010" & "Crimean Summer-2010"

Magie Nair Admirable le Garson

was present first in he's life in puppy class

and got 2-x Best Puppy of The breed and BIS puppy-2!!!

Magie Nair Galaxy

on both shows  CAC,CACIB!

Magie Nair Elixire Vie

On National Shows  "Lubomor'e","Crimeans Games","Sevastopol's breeze"got 4JCAC,3-x Best Junior and Вest of Breed!!!

And in one this Week end got title Junior Champion of Ukraine!!!


Magie Nair Espoir mien

also got 4-x JCAC,2-x Best Junior,2-x ВОВ and Became the best schnauzer of Special Show!

And now she's junior Ch of Ukraine!!!


Our big congratulations to theirs owners!!!

Word Dog Show -2009 (Bratislava)

Terra Inkognita Kalipso

in Champion class got exellent!

14 of june 2009г.-National Dog Show FCI-CAC "Sevastopol Breeze"

(judge - Svetz (Russia)

Magie Nair Galaxy  JCAC,BOB,JBIS-4

17 .05.2009г  UKU-CAC  "Zvezdniy Priboy 2009"

(judge - Sedih N(Russia)

Magie Nair Galaxe  
Magie Nair Glamour(вл.Бернацкая Е.)  

Our Big congrats!!!

Krasnodar 18-19.04.2009 САС+CACIB

Terra Inkognita Kalipso


Became a Russian Champion and Finish her Inter Champion title!!!

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22.03.2009 Nikolaev

 Terra Inkognita Fidelia - now is Champion of Ukraine!

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